Thomas Tull
Green River
P.O. Box 9300
Central City, Kentucky   42330

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Date ad started        --        11-20-2008
Date ad ends            --        1-1-2015
Thomas Tull

D.O.B.       --   5/5/1960                 Age    --   55

HEIGHT    --    5'7"                       WEIGHT    --     202  

EYE COLOR     --   Brown          HAIR COLOR   --   Brown & Gray

RACE     --     White                  ZODIAC SIGN  --  Taurus
About me:
If you're reading this I'm sure it's not the first ad you've read.  So
this means that I have to come up with something that's exciting that
will grab your attention and make you want to write me.

Well, then I have to apologize to you.  Because there's really not a
whole lot about my life right now that's exciting, except the
possibility of you writing.

Okay.  A little about myself...I have long brown hair that seems to
be getting grayer each year.  I'll let it grow another year or two then
I'll cut it off and donate it to "Lock of Love".

"Lock of Love" will make wigs for people who have cancer.  In '72 I
lost a brother to cancer.  Then in 2000, I lost a lover.  Also, to cancer.  
So, I have a special place in my heart for people fighting cancer.

I'm a romantic gentleman.  I was mostly raised by my grandmother.  
She was a very loving, respectful person.  Those attributes stuck
with me.

By trade, I install floors, carpet, vinyl and V.C.T. tile.  Since, '78 I
have done other things, but I always return to floors.

The frames I make (see right) take a lot of time, work and patience.  
I also make crosses, different shaped boxes and custom sized
frames.  They are available for sale.  I've sent a lot of them to family
and friends.

I'll answer any and all mail in a timely fashion.  Each and every
letter will be gratefully received.

You may ask, "Six children?"  There are four I am sure of and two
are in question.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and respect,
Tom T.

MARITAL STATUS   --  Widowed       Kids   --   4-6?

OFFENSES      --     1st Degree Robbery;
                              1st Degree Manslaughter

NEXT PAROLE DATE    --   1/2024          

LATEST RELEASE DATE   --  To far away

INTERESTS / HOBBIES     --   Frames, trying new things,
                                               video games.


SEEKNG    --    Women, Friendship, Romance, Friendship,      
                                      Donations, Legal Help

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