Scotty Jones
Green River Correctional Complex
1200 River Road
P.O. Box 9300
Central City, Kentucky   42330
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Scotty with an
Introduction letter
Scotty Jones
NICKNAME  --  Jonesy

D.O.B.       --   1/27/1972               AGE    --   43

HEIGHT    --    5'9"                       WEIGHT    --     170  

EYE COLOR     --   Green                HAIR COLOR   --   Brown

RACE     --     White                       ZODIAC SIGN --   Aquarius
About me:
"Tired of the games?"

You might want to read on.  My name is Scotty Jones.  I'm a gay,
white male.  5'9", 170 pounds, 36 years old.  As for likes and dislikes,
I'm pretty easy going.  I enjoy writing and reading.  I like mostly
rock music, and love the outdoors and sports!

I've been through a lot in my life and I'm looking to find the right
man to settle down with, in hopes of building something strong,
loving and real!  I've been hurt too many times and I've built kind
of a wall around my heart and feelings; but I'm looking for the right
person to tear it down and give me a chance to give the love I have
in my heart.  I don;t have much to offer, but the one thing I do have
is a caring, loving, honest heart and I truly want someone to share it

I welcome you to write and tell me about yourself, and we can get to
know each other, become friends and see what evolves.  Hopefully
it can be more than friends!  I hope that I've said something that has
been of interest.  If so, feel free to write and take a chance.  I know
that special someone is out there.  Who knows, it could be you!  The
only way is for you to write me and we can see what comes up!


Scotty Jones
Green river Correctional Complex
1200 River Road
P.O. Box 9300
Central City, Kentucky     42330
EDUCATION   --   9th

MARITAL STATUS   --   Never Been Married        

KIDS   --   1

OFFENSES      --     Trafficking; Robbery; Burglary   

NEXT PAROLE DATE    --   n/a         


INTERESTS / HOBBIES     --   Hunting, fishing, all sports.


SEEKING    --    Men, Friendship, Romance
Date ad started        --        12-20-2008
Date ad ends            --        1- 1 -20016
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