Scott Nordstrom
ASPC - E/Browning   
Wing #3-G-7
P.O. Box 3400
Florence, Arizona   85232

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Introduction letter
D.O.B.       --   9/28/1967              AGE      --   47

HEIGHT    --     6'4"                      WEIGHT    --  235      

EYE COLOR     --   Hazel Green       HAIR COLOR   --   Brown

RACE         --     Caucasian               RELIGION   --   Christian
About me:
The intriguing aspects of connecting with someone who shares the
same interests has lead me to reach out with this ad.  Friendships
and/or relationships take time to develop.  This I fully understand.  
So, in order to prevent expending efforts uselessly, here's who I am
and what I'm looking for:

This past September 1, I successfully accomplished my 41st trip
around the sun.  For the past 11 years I have been educating myself
in the law.  The Justice System has failed in my specific case; I have
been wrongfully convicted.  It's evident these convictions will not
withstand Federal Appellate scrutiny.  However, as you may have
heard, and I am experiencing, the wheels of justice turn slowly.  
Exactly when my vindication will arrive...I pray sooner rather than

Proving my innocence is first and foremost.  This demands huge
chunks of time reading case law, law journals, writing out legal
issues to be filed etc.  The realization that a lot of similarity situated
men have lost forever solid legal claims (because they didn't know
of claims and appointed attorneys who failed to bring them to the
courts' attention) forces me to not only understand my legal issues
(I've got many), but be prepared to file pro se to ensure my claims
are not defaulted in subsequent appeals.  I am innocent and have
multiple claims that prove exactly how an innocent man has found
himself on Arizona's Death Row.  I am doing my best.  If there are
capital lawyers (or any lawyers) reading this, I could use some
help...perhaps a shove in the right direction.  Of course, I'm open to
any and all help/suggestions.

I am single.  However, I do desire to taste love again...Something, to
date, I have not been pursuing due to various obstacles.  Love never
fails, and obstacles can be overcome.

My other main interests are studying the Scriptures to learn about
myself and my relationship with God.  Truly, there is no better time
to contemplate the things of God with so much time available.  I
have discovered we all have choices to make.  And, drawing
provides an escape for me.  I am hopeful that some day I will be
able to use my art to secure funds for my "Legal Defense Fund".  If
you've got suggestions, can help, or just want to write, do so.  I'm
looking forward to hearing from you.  Until them...


Scott D. Nordstrom
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ZODIAC SIGN   --   Libra                  

EDUCATION   --   Interminable

HOMETOWN  --  Tuscon, Arizona   

MARITAL STATUS   --   Single        

KIDS   --   0

OFFENSES      --     Murder; Robbery             


INTERESTS / HOBBIES     --   Drawing, Studying, Scriptures,
                                               Reading, Playing Chess.

PET PEEVES  --  Broken promises


SEEKING    --    Men, Women, Romance, Friendship,
                                  Legal Help, Donations

Inmate is willing to write to people overseas.
Date ad started        --        12-20-2008
Date ad ends            --        1 -1-2016
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