Sadiq Hussein
NICKNAME  --  Malli Moe

D.O.B.       --   1/1/1976                Age    --   39

HEIGHT    --    6'1"                      WEIGHT    --     205  

EYE COLOR     --   Brown               HAIR COLOR   --   Black

RACE     --     Black                            
About me:
Adopt a pen pal today for as little as the cost of a stamp and a letter a
week.  I'm friendly, cute, cuddly and most of all I'm house broken.  


My name is Sadiq.  34, 6'1", black hair, brown eyes.  I was born in
East Africa.  Prior to my incarceration I used to travel a lot.  I speak a
couple of languages.  I enjoy playing soccer, sky diving, writing,
reading, running, other sports, cooking and all kinds of music.  I'm
an easy-going, happy-go-lucky guy that loves to enjoy all of the
things life has to offer rather than focusing on all of the bad things
in this world.  At times, maybe even a little too much, as we all can
see from where you've found my ad.

This ad is placed in hopes of finding a charming female
correspondent who shares my interest and attributes, who is caring,
sincere, self-assured, adventurous and most of all out-going.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ad.  If you found it at all
interesting, please write.  I will answer any and all questions openly
and honestly.  I promise to respond to every letter sent.  I hope to
hear from you soon.


ZODIAC   --   Sagittarius  

EDUCATION   --   H.S. and Vocational

OFFENSES      --     Murder  

RELEASE DATE   --  2016

INTERESTS / HOBBIES     --   Soccer, sky diving, writing,         
                              reading, running, other sports, cooking and
                              all kids of music.


SEEKING    --    Women

Inmate is willing to write to people overseas.

Sadiq Hussein
P.O. Box 500
Appleton, Minnesota   56208
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Date ad started        --        11-15-2008
Date ad ends            --       1 -1 - 2016
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