Richard Greenway
D.O.B.       --   10/14/1968              Age    --   46

HEIGHT    --    6'2"                       WEIGHT    --     185  

EYE COLOR     --   Green                HAIR COLOR   --   Brown

RACE     --     Caucasian                   ZODIAC SIGN  --  Libra
About me:
You found me...wait...were we playing hide and seek?  That's good,
because I was looking for you.  Fortunately, you found me before I
found you because I was losing hope that we would connect, and I
want to get to know you.

Hi!  My name is Richard, and I really do look that good.  The reason
you see me on this web site is because I have just been unlucky to
find that one special person - be it a friend or paramour - to fill my
days with light.  There are no requirements.  I am open to the
person, not the appearance.  So, don't feel as though you can't reach
out to me.

I love to read, watch old movies, twiddle my thumbs (Wait!  Is that
an activity?), and be joyous with everyone in life.  I cannot draw to
save my life, but I love the art of reading poetry to another, reaching
their heart and mind.

I also love to write.  The art of letter-writing is still very much alive,
and although it's rather slow, it gives you time to reflect and find the
words you want to share.  Though my legal costs make it difficult
for me to write every day, I am willing to make sure you always
receive the words I want to share when I can afford it.  So give it a
try...let's meet.

The door is now open (Yes, I'm decent.), and I am waiting to hear
from you.  However, you've got to put the pen to the paper and send
the letter.  My isolation and deprivation can only be lightened by
your contact.

Richard Greenway
Browning Unit / Eyman
Florence, Arizona     85132-3400
EDUCATION   --   Central Arizona College

MARITAL STATUS   --   Never Been Married        

KIDS   --   0

OFFENSES      --      

NEXT PAROLE DATE    --   Unknown          

LATEST RELEASE DATE   --  First time in prison.

INTERESTS / HOBBIES     --   Reading, writing,  
                                               paper/string/cellophane crafts,
                                               staying clean and healthy.

PET PEEVES  --  Anyone that's not open to new things.


SEEKING    --    Women, Men, Romance, Friendship,
                        Legal Help, Donations

Inmate is willing to write to people overseas.
Richard Greenway
ASPC - Eyman, Browning Unit    
P.O. Box 3400
Florence, Arizona   85232

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Date ad started        --        12-15-2008
Date ad ends            --       1-1-2016
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