Mission Statement

We here at InmateWebSite.com are dedicated to
provide inmates with responsible, legal and
quality services for those intending to start over
in life.

Other web site charge inmates an exceptionally
high fee to place an ad seeking pen pals, and
provide no other services to seek out people
willing to write to them and hopefully assist them
in finding good, law-abiding friends to support
them with the changes they seek to make.

We provide affordable fees to all inmates signing
up for our site and actively seek good people to
write to them, whether it be for friendship,
romance, donations, legal help or something else.

We promise to put our clients first - people before
profits - and provide a quality service for them.

In the future we wish to expand our services for
those inmates who display artistic talent, need to
find legal information or any other type of
research, and other fun things such as providing
photos, original gifts, mixed CDs and other items
at affordable rates.

We thank you for your support and hope you visit
us often.