Mike Correll
HEIGHT    --    5'8"                           WEIGHT    --     198  

          EYE COLOR     --   Hazel                

HAIR COLOR   --   Brown/Gray           RACE     --    White    

      ZODIAC SIGN  --  Capricorn
About me:
Hi!  I'm Mike Correll and I've been on Death Row for what seems
like forever, since I was 24 back in the year 1984.

Wow, huh?  Ha ha.  Yeah, I know!  It's been a whole lot of years.  
What were you doing back in 1984?

Well, here it is, decades later and I'm still fighting for my life and
freedom, somehow still hanging on.

I thought it would be good to reach out into the world and see if I
could find some help for my life, any help, all help.  A bit of
sunshine, a friendly word, a smile, a moment of laughter or perhaps
a shoulder to lean against when this life here has me feeling all
worn out and tired deep inside.

Yeah, oyu know the feeling I speak of.  It's the one that comes with
a real deep sigh and a sad little smile and hope that tomorrow is a
better day.

We all have those day, I guess.  I've come this far and a little
conversation and view of the world outside would carry me farther
dawn the road.  So, come on.  Follow that feeling that caused you to
hesitate and read these words.

Send some mail my way, and if nothing more, it will be a difference
for one day in my life.

I'm pretty easy going with a good sense of humor.  I love all
animals, nature.  I like to read.  I exercise pretty much daily to stay
strong in body and mind. (Okay, so I am really just bored and
mostly just do it for something to do.)

The little simple things in life matter a lot to me...I miss life so
much.  I hope some of you out there will write.

INTERESTS / HOBBIES     --   Working out, animals, nature,


SEEKING    --    Friendship, Women, Men, Donations

Inmate is willing to write to people overseas.
Mike Correll
P.O. Box 3400
ASPC - Eyman - SMU II
Florence, Arizona   85232

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