Inmate Art
from the collection of the
Welcome to's Starving Artist page.  All art sold here was done
by inmates themselves and are a means for them to earn some extra money for their
basic needs such as hygiene products, vitamins, art supplies, writing paper,
envelopes and stamps to write letters.

We offer the following items for sale:

  •  Custom portraits from your photos
  •  Pet portraits from your photos
  •  Homes and other architectural buildings from your photos
  •  Hand drawn stationary
  •  Greeting cards for all occasions
  •  Original artwork
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Custom Portraits, Pets & Architecture at your Request


Greeting cards

Original Artwork
It most correctional institutions it is not permitted to engage in any type of official business arrangement with inmates.  All
stationary, greeting cards, original artwork and other items we given to Inmate on an informal basis.  In some cases
donations to the inmates were given, but under no circumstances was there any official business agreement made between and an inmate for their work.  All inmates are told beforehand that no official business arrangement can be

In the case of custom portraits, monies are given for the inmate to purchase art supplies, as well as a donation.  
However, no official business arrangements were made.