Ike Daniel Williams
NICKNAME  --  Lucky

D.O.B.       --   8/22/1978             Age    --   36

HEIGHT    --    6'0"                     WEIGHT    --     175  

EYE COLOR     --   Brown              HAIR COLOR  --  Black Braids

RACE  --  African-American           RELIGION  --  Yes

If you are reading this then it means you've taken some sort of
interest in me.  And, that's flattering...but, will you take the leap of
faith to turn us into a reality?

I'm looking for someone genuine, loving, honest and
compassionate.  Someone I can appreciate and care for and who
wants to be put first!

My qualities that stand out the most are....

I am very intelligent, very loving, very understanding and an
excellent listener.

Do I make mistakes?  Yeah. <lol>

Do you make mistakes?  Ha ha ha.

See how much we got in common already?

I am strong mentally because I've been through a lot.  I'm
compassionate, yet I also know to stand firm and defend.  So, my
lover would feel safe being with me.

I came form a broken home, which has made me crave a serious
relationship.  So I can say "This is my family."  

I'm a laid back guy, who likes to have fun.  There is never a dull
moment with me.

Oh, for the record, I won't go into great detail about my current
situation (about my charge of sexual abuse), but I'll say, "Bad things
happen to good people."

I enjoy movies, BBQ cooking, cuddling, talking, listening to music,
travelling and of course I have a healthy appetite for good
love-making - spontaneous sex and exciting all of your senses -
taste, touch, small, hearing and sight.

QUESTION:  Do you qualify to be that special someone for me??

As the sun comes,
And the night falls,
I'll be here waiting your response.

So, talk to me, baby...I'll talk back.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Ike Daniel Williams
P.O. Box 1000
LaGrange, Kentucky     41171-1000
Ike Daniel Williams
P.O. Box 1000
Sandy Hook, KY    41171-1000

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Introduction letter
ZODIAC SIGN   --   Leo

EDUCATION   --  12th Grade

HOMETOWN  --  Lexington, Kentucky

MARITAL STATUS   --   Single        

KIDS   --   0

OFFENSES      --     Sexual Abuse;
                              Assault on a police officer;
                               Trafficking a controlled substance

NEXT PAROLE DATE    --  n/a       

LATEST RELEASE DATE   --  6/16/2019

INTERESTS / HOBBIES     --   Working out, boxing, shopping,     
                                                watching movies, cuddling,
                                                BBQ cookouts, swimming, playing 8


SEXUAL ORIENTATION   --    Bi-sexual

SEEKING    --    Men, Women, Friendship, Romance, Donations
Date ad started        --        10 -15 -2009
Date ad ends            --       1 -1 -2016
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