Eric Brown
Main Prison
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola, Louisiana   70712

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Introduction letter
Eric Brown
D.O.B.       --   5/19/1978               Age    --   36

HEIGHT    --    5'8"                       WEIGHT    --     146  

EYE COLOR  --   Light Brown          HAIR COLOR   --   Black

RACE  --  African-American/          ZODIAC  --  Taurus the Bull
              Cherokee Indian               
About me:
Peace and blessings to that special one that's taking time out of their
busy schedule to read my bare soul, truest thoughts and deepest
inner feelings that I'm conveying to you in this ad.  I'm searching
for the right words to express the essence of who I am and try to get
you to understand me at least in part, from these few words.

I'm looking for that special female friend who's not afraid to find
understanding with herself and myself and our position in life as
well as our purpose for life.  To understand everything that is of this
earth is impossible.  Two can argue for years and come to no

However, if you can understand that I'm a special man, not a perfect
man, and I understand that you are a special lady, not a perfect lady,
then that's a beautiful understanding.

Having someone, through their actions, display the definitions of
loyalty, honesty and trustworthiness towards me would be a
wonderful feeling.  Care for me when it rains on me, care for me
when the sun shines on me.

I've made much progress in the educational department since I've
been incarcerated since a teenager.  I have no kids, but would love
to use my experience to raise and guide kids to a successful life.

Your reply will determine if what I desire will remain unattainable
and elusive, or if my vision will materialize and become reality.  
Age, race and size is irrelevant.

I assume you desire the same...realness!  Everything I ask from you,
I'm willing to give in return abundantly.  I will love to share
innovative ideas with you that can take our lives to a higher level.

I know what I need and want in life.  All I am missing is my better

A beautiful mind...
EDUCATION   --   G.E.D. / In trade school now

MARITAL STATUS   --   Never Been Married        

Kids   --   0

OFFENSES      --    2nd degree murder

NEXT PAROLE DATE    --  ?      


INTERESTS / HOBBIES     --   Boxing, working out,
                                               reading, learning new things,
                                               writing  books, plays, poems etc.,
                                                innovating ideas for inventions.


SEEKING    --    Women, Men, Romance, Friendship, Legal Help.

Inmate is willing to write to people overseas.
Date ad started        --        1-15-2009
Date ad ends            --        1-1-2016
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