At, we want to foster as many good and healthy relationships between
prisoners and people on the "outside".  In order to help do this, we have established a way
to write to inmates which makes it easier, cheaper and more private for the outside writer.

Instead of writing letters and sending them via postal mail - or "snail mail" as many
inmates call it - you may write to your pen pal via e-mails through our e-mail service.  So,
now you have two choices for how you would like to send your pen pal letters:  you can
write a traditional letter and mail it to the inmate, or you can send a letter in e-mail form
with our e-mail service.  Here's how that works...


For the most part, inmates do not have personal e-mail addresses and you cannot write to
them as you do to your family and friends who do have such an address.  The prison system
does not allow for  this.  However, recently, inmates in federal prisons are getting personal
e-mail addresses and one can write to them directly.  In order to do this, the inmate has to
register you through the prison and you must accept that invitation.  Then, and only then,
can you write to an inmate directly through e-mail. So, you must make first contact with an
inmate - those in federal prisons - for this direct e-mail connection to be made.

For inmates not in federal prisons, as well as making the first contact to those that are, we
here at, in a effort to foster inmates getting pen pals from the outside,
and to quell the concerns of some outside people have for giving out their personal
information to an inmate, have come up with a system to allow for e-mails to be sent
through us.


When you first decide on an inmate to whom you wish to write, you can use one of the
easy-to-fill-out and free Inmate Introduction Letters, which you can reach by clicking on
one of the three links on each inmate's ad:  (1) the green box at the top of the ad; (2) the
green box at the very bottom of the ad; and (3) the link beneath the inmate's mailing
address on the left side of the window, usually under the inmate's first photo.  When you
click on one of those links you will reach a page with an orange background and which has
the headline "Inmate Introduction Letter" at the top.  You must fill out all of the
information with a
* next to it, and then you can choose which other information about
yourself you wish to share with your pen pal in the rest of the letter.  This is a good way to
just introduce yourself, tell your pen pal about what you look like and the things you like in
order to begin your new correspondence with him or her.  

After you are finished filling out the letter, you click on the "Submit" button at the bottom,
and your letter is sent to our web site.  When we receive it, we print your Inmate
Introduction Letter and mail to your new pen pal via postal mail.  

After your pen pal receives your Inmate Introduction Letter, he or she responds to it by
writing a letter to you, yet they mail the letter to our business address.  When we receive it,
we scan the letter, embed it in an e-mail and send it to you via the internet.

After receiving your pen pal's letter through your e-mail address, you will be ready to send
your second letter.  You have the same two choices as you did before:  you can now write
via postal mail, or can send a regular e-mail letter.  What you should do if you are sending
an e-mail letter, is click "Reply" on the inmate's first scanned letter, which will bring up a
blank window for you to write back to your pen pal.  Then type your letter and click
"Send".  Again, we will receive the e-mail, print it up and mail it to your pen pal.  If you do
not give him your mailing address, he will write back to you through our service just as

We ask that you write at least a one page, double-spaced letter each time you write to your pen
pal.  Normally, those of us on the outside quickly type out a couple of lines and then click on
"Send".  However, the pen pals are truly looking for longer, personal letters.  Receiving letters
is similar to a child getting presents on Christmas morning.  The men and women who spend
the fee to place an ad on our web site are longing for healthy, human connections.  A letter
with only a few quickly typed words on it will be a big disappointment them, especially if they
take the time to write a long letter to you.  Also, it really is a waste of time and money for us to
print up these e-mail "notes" and send them out.  So, please take a few minutes to write a
decent sized letter to these people when you do.


The rules for e-mail content are exactly the same as the prison facility in which your pen pal
lives.  If your e-mail cannot pass the censors there, there is no use in mailing it.  Generally,
most prison facilities will allow any subject matter to be written with the exception of illegal
activity of any kind and the sending of pornographic photographs.  (Different facilities
define "pornographic photographs" in different way, so check to see what the rules are of
your pen pal's particular facility.  For most facilities, "pornographic pictures" are defined as
anything showing either male or female genitalia and/or female breasts.)

INTENTIONS FOR OUR E-MAIL SERVICE's e-mail policy is intended to be a temporary set-up between you and
your pen pal until enough trust is established to where you will write to your pen pal
directly.  We do everything we can to foster good correspondence between civilians and
inmates, and are willing to incur the expense of postage, ink cartridges, paper and envelopes
to do so.  However, we do have to be mindful of our costs and therefore kindly ask that you
do write to your pen pals directly after the first few correspondences.  We only charge
inmates a fraction of the fee that the other prison web sites charge them for their services,
and we do not wish to raise those fees.  So, please keep that in mind.

People often wonder about writing to inmates and making themselves vulnerable to the
possibility of an inmate coming to their homes after they are released.  To date, we here at have
never had this happen to any of the people who have written to pen
pals, nor any of us who also have numerous pen pals ourselves.  And, while we encourage
caution when first beginning to write, after trust is establish between you and your pen pal we
ask you to stop using our e-mail service.

Your e-mails are saved for 30 days here and then deleted permanently.

No e-mails, nor any of its contents are shared with anyone outside of  
We guarantee privacy.