Edward Tinsley
200 Road to Justice
West Liberty, Kentucky   41472

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Introduction Letter
About me:
Hello World,

I may not be the Gorgeous Prince...but I assure you I'm a Brutally
Handsome Frog.

At this time, I'm reaching out in hopes of finding others like myself
who want to learn more about themselves.  To probe our private
thoughts and share our most puzzling fantasies, and try to
understand their meanings, and where they came from.  This is an
intimate world where mind, body and emotions come together and
express deep-seated desires or conflict.  I've just begun to peel back
some of my thoughts and see things from a deeper perspective.  I
would now enjoy sharing what I've learned with new acquaintances

My time here is brief, but during my stay I'm trying to better myself
through Behavioral classes and Thinking Patters and Distortion.  
Just about anything that will make me a better man.

So, with any journey comes the first step.  I've reached out in hopes
of meeting you.  All I ask now is that you meet me half way.  I
promise we will learn and grow together.  


Edward Tinsley.

Edward Tinsley
200 road to Justice
West Liberty, Kentucky     41472
Edward Tinsley
NICKNAME  --  Lil' Ed

D.O.B.       --   10/11/1965               Age    --   49

HEIGHT    --    6'1"                        WEIGHT    --     250  

EYE COLOR     --   Brown                HAIR COLOR   --   Black

RACE     --     Afro-American           ZODIAC SIGN   --   Libra
EDUCATION   --   H.S. Graduate; Some College; Graduate
of                                     Voc-Residential Electrician

MARITAL STATUS   --   Never Been Married        

KIDS   --   2

OFFENSES      --     3rd Degree Burglary    

NEXT PAROLE DATE    --   n/a         


INTERESTS / HOBBIES   --   Poker, wood crafts, drug counseling


SEEKING    --    Men, Women, Friendship, Romance

Inmate is willing to write to people overseas.
Date ad started        --        11-20-2008
Date ad ends            --        1-1-2016
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