Daniel Ray Gibson
NICKNAME  --  n/a

D.O.B.       --   1/29/1981                Age    --   34

HEIGHT    --    6'4"                       WEIGHT    --     230  

EYE COLOR     --   Hazel                HAIR COLOR  --  Brown

RACE  --  Caucasian                        RELIGION  --  Spiritual
Hello!  How are you?  Good, I hope.  As for myself, everything is
the best it can be under the circumstances.  I'm safe and have my
sanity!  Well, I know you don't know me, but let me properly
introduce myself.  My name is Daniel Ray Gibson.  I am 29 years
old and am from Louisville, Kentucky.  I am placing this ad to see
if by chance we may have something in common, and that we may
become friends.  My contact with the free world is limited and I
don't have that special someone in my life, but I am searching.

I am hoping to build a sturdy foundation based on friendship,
maybe a relationship at some point.  I entertain the great hope of
someday finding love.  Yet, I am fully aware of my situation and
that hampers me from meeting someone open-minded and, most
importantly, patient.  I made poor choices and have to live with
them.  You will find that I am a realist about life and how mine has
turned out thus far.

I graduated high school in 1998 and took some college courses at
the local community college.  I thoroughly enjoy reading,
educating myself and intelligent conversation.  I can discuss
anything from politics to sports to world events.  I love nature and
dream of travelling the world to visit the Seven Wonders, travel the
jungles of the Amazon and hike the trails of the Big Sur.  I am not
a religious person, but spiritual in my own right.  I enjoy quiet
moments and private time.  I love to laugh and find humor in some
of life's most awkward moments.  I have an out-going personality
and I am easy to talk to.

These are just a few things about me.  If you're interested in
learning more about me then please write!!  I will respond to you if
you write.

Take care and stay safe,


Daniel Gibson
Kentucky State Prison
P.O. Box 5128
Eddyville, Kentucky     42038-5128
Daniel Gibson
Kentucky State Prison
P.O. Box 5128
Eddyville, Kentucky     42038-5128

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ZODIAC SIGN   --   Aquarium

EDUCATION   --  High school and some college.

HOMETOWN  --  Louisville, Kentucky

MARITAL STATUS   --   Single        

KIDS   --   0

OFFENSES      --   Robbery, escape, burglary.

NEXT PAROLE DATE    --  4/2016       


INTERESTS / HOBBIES     --  Basketball, sports, music,
                           reading, chess, pondering the world's problems.

PET PEEVES  --  Liars, bigotry, squeezing the toothpaste from the  
                             middle and judgmental people.


SEEKING    --    Men, Friendship, Romance, Donations.

Date ad started        --        11 - 15 - 2009
Date ad ends            --       1  - 1 - 2016
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