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Pen Pal Ads
Information & Application's is an internet based Pen Pal Service designed to assist current
inmates with finding friendship, romance, financial help and/or legal help.  We guarantee
honest, committed and objective service, and that all inmates and customers will be
treated with respect entitled to all human beings.  We attempt to find written
companionship for all inmates who sign up through aggressive advertisement and
searches.  We understand that inmates usually have very limited means to place ads, and
we offer
THE MOST AFFORDABLE services on the internet, while supplying the same
quality of the more expensive sites, and most of the time better!

You will receive a full-page, full-color ad on the internet, which has the potential to be
seen by thousands of people all over the world who are searching to connect with
someone through the art of letter writing.

Your ad will be done by a professional of web site building and maintenance, and is
ALWAYS available to update and change anything you wish.

All employees are dedicated individuals who are inmate advocates
and believe that all people, even those incarcerated, deserve human and civil rights,
including the right to have contact with people from all walks of life on the "outside".

Let help you make those connections!!!

**  full page ad on web site

**  free information chart listing 20 items describing yourself and what you want
in a pen pal

**  listing of up to 3 photos or artwork, with an option for more, the most
allowed on any inmate pen pal web site

**  free unlimited e-mail responses

**  5 means of payment, including stamps

**  a section for writing whatever you want about yourself, up to 300 words, the
most words allowed on any inmate pen pal web site

**  free links for those inmates with e-mail

**  listing of your mailing address at your facility

**  your name in large, bold, colored letters

**  a site search for those interested pen pals to find the inmates they desire to

**  notification at time of renewal

**  no rules against posting ads on other web sites

**  site meter to count the number of hits on your ad

**  free updates to your ad when you notify us

**  a copy of your web site page & updates



1.  Use photos of you smiling.  Those photos are more inviting to other
people as opposed to photos with a"tough" face or a frown.


2.  If you are searching for possible romance, use your most flattering
photos.  If you lift weights, use a shirtless photo or one with you wearing
a tank.  Then, show your abs if allowed.

3.  Take your time when writing your ad.  After you write the first draft,
wait until the following day and then read it again and make any changes
you want.  Make sure it sounds friendly and states exactly what you are
looking for in a pen pal.

Prices For Placing an Ad
**  $10.00 for 6 months
**  $17.50 for 1 year
** $29.99 for 2 years
** $41.99 for 3 years

**  additional 1-50 words -- $2.00
**  additional 51-100 words -- $3.50
**  additional 101-200 words -- $6.00
**  additional photos -- $2.50 per photo

No explicit language, photos or drawings may be
used.  All information MUST BE ACCURATE AND
TRUTHFUL.  Any falsification of photos or
information is grounds for ad removal WITHOUT

Inmate Terms & Agreement
All information given in the *inmate personal information questionnaire* MUST BE TRUE AND ACCURATE.  Any
false information given, including false photographs and offenses will result in the removal of an ad without refund.

All ad placement sales are final and refunds or partial refunds are not given.

Any changes in the rules and regulations of this web site are at the discretion of, and may be
made at any time.  All persons with ad subscriptions will be notified via U.S. Postal Service of any such changes.

Mailing of all necessary materials and payments implies a consent to the Terms & Agreement of does NOT guarantee specific results from ad placement.  Many factors determine the number of
responses an inmate will get, which do not pertain to  Although we make great efforts to find
pen pals for out inmates, we are not liable for the type or amount of responses an inmate gets.
Click here for printable application
Click here for printable application
Click here for printable application
Instructions for Submitting Application

1.  Complete the printable application;
2.  Enclose up to 3 photos for free (additions allow for small fee);
3.  Write a message to prospective pen pals- up to 300 words - on a
separate piece of paper;
4.  Send a self-addressed and stamped envelope - if you want
photos returned;
4.  Enclose payment, made out to and send to:
718 Garden Road
Glenside, Pennsylvania     19038